ANËK set for The Cellar

The Danish duo hit the City this Saturday

It’s safe to say that Danish duo Anëk, aka Karina and Denise, know each other pretty well.

Growing up in Copenhagen, the childhood friends went on to not only discover House music together, but form a DJing partnership that has seen them play at some of the hottest venues throughout the world and in the process become the first female duo to be welcomed onto the exclusive VIVa MUSiC roster.  
This week will see the release of their latest EP Patron Goddess featuring remixes from SEFF and Los Pastores and local House lovers will be able to catch their new music first hand as the duo are scheduled to play The Cellar on Saturday (23rd July) alongside Derry’s very own Confute.
We caught up with Anëk to find out about their journey thus far and what locals can expect from Saturday night at The Cellar.

Hi Anëk… are you looking forward performing at The Cellar this Saturday?
Hi! Yes we can’t wait. We have played in Ireland a couple of times, and have to say you guys know how to party. Always such a great vibe and nice people, so yes, we are really looking forward to it.

You guys grew up together and even discovered House music together… do you think what you have achieved so far as Anëk has made it even more special as you are experiencing it as close friends?
Oh yes for sure. Being best friends for so many years and also having a career together has definitely made it a more special journey. We have so much fun together and enjoy what we do, which we hope is a thing that shines through when we are playing. We love playing and making music together and we are both quite sociable people, so we much more prefer working in a team and being best friends is icing on the top.

It must be a great advantage when performing and producing together, the fact that you know each other so well…
It’s for sure a really cool advantage. When we produce we send tracks back and forward to each other. Working alone must be a lot harder as you don’t have anyone else opinion, and have to trust yourself a lot more. Sometimes we might not really be satisfied with direction of track, or a bit unsure, then it's an amazing confidence boost when the other one really likes it.

Who would be your biggest influences?
That’s a difficult one. We have met so many amazing people during our time as DJ’s but Steve Lawler definitely has to be one of them. His history and career is so inspiring and interesting and the fact he is still one of a few DJ’s still at top of his game after so many years is quite amazing. He is a huge influence because he knows how to adapt and be current in ways that is rarely seen. And then he is just a really amazing talented DJ too.

What would be your most memorable gig and why?
That's such a difficult one, too many to mention. But we have to say that almost all gigs we do in Ibiza have been amazing. Something about that island and people going there that make the parties more special than anywhere else in the world

What do you miss most when you are on the road?
Haha, good food. We are proper foodies. Some airports only have a dry baguette and that’s not always what you want to eat, but when you have no other options, you go for it.
Also, we often miss our studio and monitors. Being on the road, and being inspired, we make music in headphones on the road but nothing can beat making music and being able to blast it out.

To get people in the mood for Saturday, what track do you recommend that they check out?
We have some new releases and our Soundcloud. This week we will release our new EP on Oblack - called Patron Goddess with remixes from SEFF and Los Pastores. On Soundcloud we have also uploaded some of our mixes from our weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio. Hope that will get you in the mood.

What can locals expect from this Saturday’s gig at The Cellar?
A bit of Ibiza vibes will hit the Cellar. We are ready to give it all we have!

You can catch Anëk at The Cellar, this Saturday - July 23rd - from 10pm, £10 in.


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