Belfast DJ Chris Hanna returns to the City this weekend


The Cellar’s DJ nights continue this week with ZouKa bringing Belfast DJ/Producer Chris Hanna to the city.
The House and Techno DJ has only just released a collaboration EP on Extended Play with Ejeca, and arrives at The Cellar raring to go. We caught up with Chris ahead of his return to the city this Friday night.

Describe the DJ style of Chris Hanna in three words…
House, Garage, Techno

Who would be your musical influences?
I think production wise, Levon Vincent is pretty much up there with Jesus. Deceptively simple and usually riff driven. DJ wise, I just steal all the music I hear at Twitch.

What gig would you say stands out most since you first burst onto the scene?
Playing live in Twitch was easily one of my favourites. Actually, any time I've played in the Bunatee in Queens Students Union. Low ceiling and rowdy people from Belfast equals trouble. When Schmutz and myself played back to back all night at Shine NYE is up there too, from Chicane to Jeff Mills.

Any new releases planned for this year?
I've just released an EP with Ejeca on Extended Play. Other than that, I've only just got a computer back up and running so haven't anything planned, but there'll definitely be something!

What’s the weirdest thing to happen to you at a gig?
The first time playing in Derry with JMX was a bizarre one. At the end of the night every formed a big dance circle and a girl crawled about in the middle dragging her legs behind her. Everyone cheered her on. It was so surreal.

What gig are you looking forward to most this year?
I'm actually really looking forward to playing at Sunflower Festival this year. They've got a pretty great electronic tent with a lot of amazing local DJ's and producers. A lot of us played it four years ago and it was definitely a weekend to remember!

How do you rate the current scene in N.I and in particular your home city Belfast?
10/10, easily. There's too many amazing nights and people to even begin to cover it here. From AVA Festival pushing absolutely everything and everyone at a monstrous level considering this year is only their second year running the thing, nights like The Night Institute, Twitch, Shine, and acts like Bicep, Ejeca, Space Dimension Controller making everyone realize you don't have to be from Detroit, Berlin or London to make a name for yourself and succeed. The classic ‘punching above its weight’ couldn't be more applicable. 
There's a real communal buzz to the whole thing too. No one is shitting on other people to get ahead. Everyone pitches in to help others and pushes other people - not just themselves - forward.

Chris Hanna - Psiren Song (Original Mix) (Exploris / EXP003)

For anyone who hasn’t heard your music, what one track is a must to check out?
Bullied, possibly or Psiren Song. I think they were the ones that summed up the stuff I try to make and the tracks that sum up the sets I like to play the most. Sorry for picking two!

What can people expect from The Cellar on June 3rd?
Lots of doof. 

You can catch Chris at The Cellar, this Friday night - June 3rd - from 10pm, £5 in.


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