Coming up at the echo echo festival of dance and movement

From Thursday 10th to Saturday 26th November

Liquid Gold Is The Air – Rosemary Lee and Roswitha Chesher

Garden of Reflection Gallery, Bishop Street | 10th – 26th November | Free Entry
Tues, Weds, Sat – 10am – 4pm & Thurs and Fri – 10am – 7pm

This vibrant and compelling three-screen video installation with sound is inspired by the Cathedral of Trees, a magical arboretum planted more than 40 years ago on the exact footprint of Norwich Cathedral and located in the heart of Milton Keynes. It captures the haunting beauty of the tree-scape with fleeting vignettes and distilled moments from the live performance of UNDER THE VAULTED SKY a work by Rosemary Lee, created  for Milton Keynes International Festival 2014.



Fractals:  An evening of short works by dance artist Kelly Quigley 

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company Thursday 10th and Friday 11th November, 8pm - £10/£7 concession

“I’m not skinny but I can dance!” is a solo work which celebrates the body through dance.
Me and Her is a brand new duet exploring the dynamics within working friendships, position, power, authority, trust, love and sisterhood.
Hemmed In  is a piece for five dancers that delves into the weird and wonderful way in which the subconscious and conscious minds intertwine. Exploring images, ideas, emotions and sensations that have stirred the soul while dreaming.



Chico Katsube and Shoko Kashima - Phase 47 and Free Improvisation

Friday 11th – Thursday 17th November – various locations Derry City

Chico and Shoko are dance artists based in Kagoshima, Japan. They are directors of Contact Improvisation Group and have been performing and touring Contact Improvisation work and organising CI events around the world since the company’s foundation in 2000. All the work they create aspires to be close to nature and to connect with life as a global citizen. Chico and Shoko will be performing a short free improvisation duet accompanied by a live musician.
The work they create aspires to be close to nature and to connect with life as a global citizen. They will perform a free improvisation in various locations in the city, and they will also perform  their structured improvisation dance work Phase 47 at Echo Echo’s Studios. In this piece the dancers exist and respond to each other sub- consciously within different phases of space. Phase 47 will be followed by a short free improvisation duet accompanied by a live musician.
Friday 11th November – Donemana Primary School, Co Tyrone, 11am (Schools performance) / Saturday 12th November – Craft Village, Derry City Centre, 3pm / Sunday 13th November – The Playtrail Amphitheatre, Racecourse Road, 3pm / Tuesday 15th November – Foyle Arts Building, Magee Campus, 1pm (Students Performance) / Wednesday 16th November – Echo Echo Studio One, 8pm | £10 / £7 concession. / Thursday 17th November – Echo Echo Studio One, 8pm | £10 / £7 concession. 



Triple Bill: Oona Doherty/ SaLtaTor/ Lewys Holt  

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November, 8pm - £10 / £7 concession

Oona Doherty - Lazarus and the birds of Paradise
A distillation of Northern male youth and the fire of boredom. An attempt to raise the forgotten, disadvantaged stereotype into a Caravaggio bright white limbo. To make the smicks, the hoods, the gypsies, the knackers, into the birds of paradise.

SaLtaTor Dance Company (Athens, Greece) – Near/Exist
Near - Inspired by Plato’s “Symposium” and the concept of “Semitomes”. It attempts to capture the essence of human nature by presenting two parallel worlds.
Exist - “I took off for an unknown and undefined path, having my existence as the only proof”

Lewys Holt - Phrases
Phrases is an exploration of structured dance improvisations alongside spoken and projected text and projected photographs as well as music/soundscapes. It addresses themes of confusion, sublime, dysfunction, non-sequiter, stream-of-consciousness and a resistance to representation and formal order.



Short Works – Various Artists

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company Friday 18th and Saturday 19th November, 8pm - £10 / £7 concession

The Short Works is becoming a highlight of the festival programme. This year 180 proposals were made from artists and companies, from all over the world who offered to our open call for short works. The level of care and commitment that characterised both the applications and the work that we were asked to watch was remarkable. From the 180 we have chosen eight great pieces from local, regional and international artists which will again make up a wonderfully diverse programme.  



Zoe Ramsey and Tonya Sheina (Echo Echo Ensemble)  - A Box

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company - Sunday 20th November, 3pm and Wednesday 23rd November, 10.30am -  £5 adults and £3 kids, babes in arms free

When you were little every box was a magic box! Do you remember the excitement when you didn’t know what was inside, and you could hardly wait to open it to find out?  What’s in the box?

This playful children’s dance/theatre performance is suitable for a very young audience aged 2 years and up. Also suitable for grown-ups to help remind them of the importance of fantasy and playing games!



Mary Nunan - Open O: Performing Silence 

Sunday 20th November, St Columbs Park House 11am, Echo Echo’s Studios of Dance and Movement 8pm - £5 suggested donation

Time sits still - breath moves - someone changes - another angle a gentle adventure - words follow – later - a dance you could say - as it is.
Open O is a participatory event. A meeting place between performance and reflection, open for everyone. It is an invitation to share space and time in simplicity, silence and reflection, followed by a chance to exchange any thoughts and reflections in words.



Leilani Weis - DONES – Women just dancing (everywhere)

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company - Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd November, 8pm - £10 / £7 concession

This new work by Leilani Weis and company (Barcelona), investigates the intimate way women share themselves and talk about themselves.
We try to understand how to coexist, to tell our stories, playing with our feminity, our movement, our music and images. A piece where we can express what we are in our own way, sometimes sweet and tender, but sometime hard and scary. This is what we are…



Ockham’s Razor - Tipping Point

Foyle Arena, St Columb’s Park, Limavady Road - Thursday 24th and Friday 25th November @ 7pm , Saturday 26th November @ 4pm - £10 / £7 concession or £25 for family of 4

"playful and poetic - this is a class act.”  The Times
One of the most successful shows of the year, winner of a prestigious Total Theatre award and multiple five-star reviews at Edinburgh Fringe 2016.
Five performers transform simple metal poles into a rich landscape of images. Together they face a series of challenges as poles are balanced on fingertips, hung from the roof, swung, lashed, climbed up and clung to, the action veering from catastrophe to mastery. They must decide whether to rail against the chaos or ride it out, allowing life to tilt towards the tipping point.



Velvet Alibi - Festival Closing Concert and Party – Come and Dance!  

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company - Saturday 26th November, doors 9pm, band at 10pm. £8 – Festival performers free 

Velvet Alibi return to the Echo Echo Festival with their most elaborate show of the year. The high-energy groove ensemble are hot off the back of their summer tour of London in which they were invited to play top London Jazz club, The Spice of Life amongst other London and Brighton Venues. They will bring their melting pot of funk, soul, reggae and psychedelic rock to the festival this year with an array of special guests in a lavish and colourful show that is not to be missed!!


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