Debut EP release for Emmét McGonagle

'Marigold' follows his debut single release ‘Nothing New’

Limavady singer-songwriter Emmét McGonagle has just released his debut EP, ‘Marigold’ alongside a fantastic new video for ‘Nothing New’, the first track taken from the EP.
With musical influences from Damien Rice to Bob Dylan, folk is the key and deeply embedded within his music along with some incredibly catchy chorus’.
We caught up with the Limavady lad to find out more about his music and his journey of releasing his debut EP.

Tell us what your new single ‘Nothing New’ is about?
‘Nothing New’ is about what it’s like to look in at a failed relationship, and the different ways in which people respond to heartbreak. I felt as though this song was an opportunity to write something which is not only personal to me, but which hopefully people can relate to.

And the video for the new single, tell us about it…
Filming the music video was an amazing experience.  We decided to film on location at Limavady’s O’Cahan’s Rock, Ballintoy, and Dunluce castle, which made the filming process feel more like a road trip than a project.
Jessica Martin (director and editor) and Luke Mcgarrigle (producer) did such a beautiful job, and I think the final product looks perfect. We experimented with a few different concepts before we landed on the idea of just talking to the camera. Once we decided to strip back a storyline from the video the whole thing became much more personal to all of us, and I feel as though that comes across in the video.

Emmét McGonagle - Nothing New

What would you say are your musical influences?
Damien Rice has to be the most important influence on my music. Some of the first songs my uncle Kevin ever taught me on guitar were from Damien Rice’s album ‘O’, and I very quickly became obsessed with all of his material. Passenger and Keaton Henson are both brilliant songwriters and musicians, and they both maintain a level of honestly in their music which I would love to be able to encapsulate in my own songs.

You played Stendhal Festival this year, how did that go?
I loved playing at Stendhal this year. My family have gone to the festival every year since it began, so to be able to stand on stage and play my own music was a real honour. It’s not very often that I have the chance to play my own music and a large amount of original material instead of covers, and the warmth and enthusiasm of the crowd made Stendhal such a fun and unique performance.

Your debut EP ‘Marigold’ is now available to buy, tell us about the other tracks on the EP and their influences?
My aim with ‘Marigold’ was to write an EP which showed that being in love is more complicated that just being happy or being unhappy – it’s never as easy as that. However, there aren’t many confessional songs out there which talk about frustrations, or the value of self-worth in a relationship. Ben Howard was a strong influence on the EP for that reason. ‘Marigold’ is available in Cool Discs for £4, feel free to buy one!

How did you find the process of recording the EP?
I think the most important decision within the recording process was to record ‘Marigold’ as a live session EP. I decided that the songs would be more impactful if the guitar and vocals were recorded together, so as to feel more like a performance than an EP.

Any plans for Derry gigs anytime soon?
Unfortunately I have no Derry gigs planned, but I hope to sort some out very soon. Just keep an eye out for me on Derry Live List and hopefully my name will pop up in the not-too-distant-future.

You can keep up-to-date with the Emmét McGonagles via Facebook and via Soundcloud


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