Debut single release for One Man Town

North West artist One Man Town aka Graham Maree, is on the verge of releasing his debut single ahead of the big EP launch next month.

Cutthroat Desires will hit the digital shelves at 4pm today and we have sneaked a listen to give you a heads-up… it’s pretty darn good!
A fantastic debut release, the track uses every ounce of Marees powerful voice which is complimented by strong catchy riffs resulting in a beautiful big mash of Blues, Rock and Folk. Cutthroat Desires is the type of track you know would grab the audience by the mojitos when performed live and Maree has set the bar high for what is due to come next month.
We caught up with Graham Maree ahead of today’s release to find out more about the new EP and One Man Town.

Where does the name ‘One Man Town’ come from?
Band names are always something I struggle with and spend the longest time thinking about. When I decided to start gigging I wanted something simple and which has a story behind it because I wasn’t going to use my name, ha ha. ‘One Man Town’ comes from when you can feel isolated and feel alone in a community at moments in your life.  

Who are your musical influences?
Biggest music influences would be the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, The Smiths, Radiohead, Bon Iver, Queen, Jack white and a lot of old Rockabilly, Blues and Folk music. My favourite songwriters would have to be Shakey Graves (Alejandro Rose-Garcia) & Ryan Adams, their style of writing is such a clash of modern and old classic storytelling which I really love and try to adapt in my writing.

What can we look forward to from your debut EP?
The E.P record will be a combination of big guitars and drums taking influence from Roots Rock and the Rhythm & Blues. Strong melodic vocals and southern gothic like backing vocals for that eerie vibe with experimentation of other various instruments to make the collective sound of ‘One Man Town’. The debut E.P will be available late June.

One Man Town - Cutthroat Desire

[official Lyric Video]

How did you find the journey of recording your debut EP?
It was definitely a long one, but a lot of the time was spent playing live to figure out the songs and how it translates live which I’ve never done before with past writing. It’s always really nice when you get someone who comes up after a show asking ‘’where can i find that song’’.
I recorded at Smalltown America Studios with Caolan Austin and Chris Cassidy who are fantastic guys and the beautiful studio felt automatically welcome on the first day of recording and meeting them. This was different approach to the making of my music than I had made in the past with a lot of field and location recording while engineering and producing it all myself.
This new experience has gave me a new look and love for independent studios and how they can push you to get the best out of your songs.
The journey to making this record was great and I’ve got to meet and now become good friends with the musicians and producers who worked on the E.P and definitely learned a lot from them also.

Cutthroat Desires - which is out on Monday May 23rd - is the first single taken from the EP, tell us a what the track’s about…
It was actually the very first song I wrote when I first started One Man Town before I even knew if I was going to pursue anything with it. It started out as this Rockabilly Folk rhythm which I always wanted to create for a song but then it started to grow once I had started working with other musicians. I’m so happy with the end result.
The meaning and story behind the song is about how two people from a past relationship is consumed with jealousy and rage and they can do nothing but brand the other a horrible person for all to see (cutthroat). Even long after the end of the relationship and seeing their true colours come and out and how far they would go (worst or the worst).

For those who haven’t heard your music yet, can you summarise the music of One Man Town in three words?
Atmospherically Chaotic Rock  

‘Cutthroat Desires’ will be released on May 23rd at 4pm and you can keep up-to-date with OMT via Facebook and Bandcamp


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