Don't Fear The Natives

The Donegal Electro-Rockers are in town

Bennigans Bar need not fear the Buncrana natives this Tuesday night as the Donegal electro rockers pitch up in the city to showcase their music which has been described as “delivering 10,000 volts with each song”.

The guys are currently in the process of recording tracks for their debut EP but they have already been receiving rave reviews from various publications throughout the country.
We caught up with guitarist Denis Kelly for a chat about what’s to come this year and to get the low-down on band.

Who are Don’t Fear the Natives and how did the band get together?
The full line-up is Claire McDaid as singer, Denis Kelly on guitar and vocals, Greg McDaid on guitar, Cathal McDaid-bass, Jenny Tedstone on keyboards and Denis Doherty on drums.
Myself and singer Claire had previously been known as Palomino, electro-rock stuff, released a few singles which got great reviews and loads of airplay, Singles Of The Week accolades from various stations etc.
But for gigs we always thought performing as a duo with tracks wasn't the same, plus we were moving away from the 'electro' style and aiming for more dynamics ...essentially yearning for being in a full-on rockin' band again!
Like all good baking, the secret is in adding the ingredients in gradually, keep stirring, and if it doesn't all blow up in your face, then add in some more! So we kept stirring and our duo morphed into a six piece and rehearsals became awesome again and loud, VERY LOUD! The first Don't Fear The Natives appearance was at the final Glasgowbury, on a glorious afternoon on the Spurs of Rock Stage.

Where did the name of the band come from?
As with most band names there tends to be an element of nonsense, and a sort of 'you-had-to-be-there' moment. During rehearsals I seemed to be coming up with a lot more tunes with the use of a capo, the running joke being "at times like these the capo is your best friend... don't fear the capo!" I always liked the "Don't Fear The" bit, and by chance we had a song on the go called Natives, so the two just went together.
I had the name for ages even during Palomino, so when the time came to become a band, the name was already there. If I'm honest I couldn't wait to get using it.

Who would you say the band as a whole take most inspiration and influence from?
Musically we take inspiration from so many things it would be difficult to narrow it all down. Probably The Beatles, Stone Roses, Spiritualized, Teenage Fanclub, 70's funk, rock n roll. Claire would have PJ Harvey and Foo Fighters in there also.

How would you describe your music?
We'd be classed as alternative rock, but that doesn't stop us stripping everything back to basics and going acoustic all the way. The Daily Star described us as "Delivering 10,000 volts with each song", so that's not far off the mark, so yeah "electrifying guitar rock " will do!

Have you plans to release any new music soon?
We are in the process of recording tracks that will eventually make up a debut E.P. We occasionally post tunes to our Soundcloud page, so feel free to head over to

What are the plans for 2016?
Claire will definitely be playing guitar onstage this year! Main objectives for 2016 are to continue recording. We love working on new ideas and to get out a bit more within the local music scene. Our schedule don't always suit us going out as a full band as often as we'd like to, but it’s still fun whenever we do get to gig. Plus we get to meet and hear some wonderful local talent into the bargain. More of this please for 2016! 

You can keep up-to-date with Don't Fear The Natives via Soundcloud and Facebook


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