Get ready for the first ever Italian Culture Festival

Ciao Festival, Nerve Centre on Friday 28th September

Above, Luigi Cirillo, who will be performing on the night.

Pizza, pasta, mandolin: do you think Italy is just that?

A group of Italian students will bring a taste of their home country to the city next week with the first ever Italian Culture Festival.

Ciao Festival will take place at the Nerve Centre on Friday 28th September from 5pm until 10pm and is free to attend. Ciao will provide the opportunity to taste a bit of Italian culture, including food, live performances and film..

The event, which has been organised by the students, will lead you through the history of Italian cinema and will take you through a journey of Italy with beautiful images of the ‘Bel Paese’, folkloristic and modern music and traditional food.

And not just that; if ‘ciao’ is the only Italian word you know at the moment, it won’t be any longer thanks to the speed Italian lessons provided by young native speakers.

The group is composed of 21 students coming from Ravenna and its surroundings, a city in the North West of Italy. They are here on an Erasmus project, which is an EU programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Although the group are here for only three weeks, they want to take the opportunity to promote their culture in Northern Ireland.

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