Glasgow band VASA start off their Irish tour in Belfast's Voodoo

VASA with support from Body Hound, February 8th at Voodoo Belfast

Glasgow quartet VASA have been making waves across the pond over the past few years and now the guys are on the road for a mini Irish tour taking in the sights of Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Galway.

Although they have been touring for a while, they feel that now is the right time to make the trip west as bassist John Niblock explains; “I think first off was that we wanted to establish ourselves a little first before making the trek over the pond” he said.

“We've been touring since our first EP came out away back in 2012 but we only really started getting real notice from the UK scene maybe like two or three years ago after relentlessly touring and putting out our album 'Colours' and, recently, 'Burst Open'. The other reason was mostly down to the cost of getting over. That ferry ain't cheap!” He laughs.

“It makes pretty much perfect sense for us to come over now. I've got a lot of friends over there, know enough promoters now and we've had enough people asking for us to come over for long enough” said John.

Joining them on the trail will be Shefield Math Rock outfit ‘Body Hound’ who you could say had a helping hand in VASA’s latest single release ‘Burst Open’, well, along with some alcohol,  as John reveals; “Burst Open was actually named after our guitarist Blaine who got utterly destroyed in Brighton on the last tour. They were the only words he could say to Body Hound who were desperately trying to chaperone him back to the place they were staying. A drunk, incoherent fool who lost all verbal skills” he laughs.

“Even worse, the way we met the Body Hound guys was down to alcohol as well. Joe, the Body Hound bassist, saved a very drunk Scott from getting battered off another drunk man at ATG. The story is much detailed than that but it'd take too long to explain.”

VASA | Burst

The band have made the imaginative decision to combine the titles of both their A-side and B-side tracks for the single release, resulting in the title ‘Burst Open’.

“The two tracks are basically like an evolution from our debut album 'Colours' which came out in October 2015” John explains. “We've gotten a little bit heavier in places but we have also embraced a lot more groove in our tracks too, which led us to start calling ourselves a 'Groovegaze' band. 'Open' is played in drop B, which is great for me, as it finally allows me to play a big, fat, open B during a track for once.

“Incidentally, we originally didn't plan on called them 'Burst' and 'Open'. 'Burst' was originally called 'Burst Open' and we had planned to call 'Open' 'Hot Garbage Man'. We've always kind of approached naming songs with a little bit of humour but that name just seemed a little too stupid, even for us.”

The guys kick off their Irish tour in Belfast’s Voodoo on Wednesday 8th February before taking the trip down the M1 to Dublin where they will be playing the ‘On The Rox’ club the following night. Both bands will be packing four gigs into four consecutive nights, a busy time ahead, but as John reveals one which they are very much looking forward to.

“We toured with Body Hound last year around the UK and it was so much fun. They're an incredible live band and incredibly nice and funny guys so it just made sense to do this tour with them as well. Plus, it keeps us on our toes trying to match them every night.

And what can we expect from the gigs? “Well, you can definitely expect two high energy performances, a lot of notes, a lot of daft on stage faces and some probably dreadful on stage patter from us” John Said.

“We're really looking forward to seeing what Irish crowds have to offer as we have heard a lot of really cool things from bands like Cleft who have toured there and some bands based in Northern Ireland who have toured before like More Than Conquerors and PigsAsPeople.”

For those of you who are unable to make the shows, you can check out the latest single ‘Burst Open’ which is available now. And as John reveals, the Glasgow band are currently working on material too for a new album. “There is a new album on the cards which we are currently writing for but we have no release date or even a solid idea of when we would consider releasing it.

“We don't want to rush it all out and would like to make sure whatever we produce is the absolute best music we can. The last album cycle was a tiny bit rushed towards the end so we want to take it a little easier this time around.”

VASA and Body Hound will be in the country on: Feb 8th in Belfast at Voodoo, Feb 9th in Dublin at On The Rox, Feb 10th in Cork at Al Spailpin Fanach, before finishing up on Feb 11th in Galway at Roisin Dubh. You can check out their latest single ‘Burst Open’ here


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