Halloween 2016 Derry/Londonderry

We are THE place to be when it comes to Halloween...

As a kid growing up in Halloween City - aka Derry, Halloween was the third most important celebration of the year, behind Christmas and of course my own birthday. As I got older, that belief stayed the same.

Halloween has always been embraced throughout the city, a time when everyone can come together and dress up like an eejit no matter what their age and brave the cold wind and rain while trying desperately to get as close as possible to the celebrations in town. Abandoned cars all over the place, hundreds of people walking the footpaths and along the quay towards the city centre… we all love it, that’s why we do it every year, even if we do say to ourselves ‘no way am I doing this again next year’.

But our City Council found a niche and fair play to them and to us for going along with it. They have built on the festival year after year with it now attracting over 50,000 people to its festivities. Derry’s Halloween celebrations are renowned worldwide and last year USA Today named us the 'Number One Halloween Destination in the World'… but sure we already knew that didn’t we?!

Halloween Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland

The festival itself has come a long way since its humble beginnings as simply being a one night event to what it is today, a four day festival reaching across every point of the city like a big old scary spider web.  

This year’s Festival is the biggest to date, and we should know! The countless hours we have spent inputting halloween events into our What’s On Guide has brought blisters to our fingertips. Speaking of which (the guide, not the blisters), you can find out what is happening throughout the festival by using our dedicated Halloween Festival What’s On Guide here.



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