How It Goes with Louise DaCosta

Ireland's No.1 DJ set to release her new track next month

Ireland’s numero uno female DJ, Louise DaCosta will release her latest track titled ‘How It Goes’ next month on Hotfingers Records.

Having been snapped up by the Italian label in March, Louise now finds herself added to the impressive list of artists currently on the roster which includes guys such as Boy George, Bass Kleph and My Digital Enemy.

I caught up with the local DJ this week and started by asking about her upcoming release. “It's something quite a bit different to my usual style. A little more subtle and house based. 'How it Goes' is a bit of a platitude really. It's a line from the vocal in the track, conveying an attitude. You'll have to download it to hear what it’s all about though!”    

“I've been working a lot in the studio recently trying to develop my sound and came up with this track. It was something a little different and I just sent it to HotFingers along with the remix and they snapped it up. I was delighted to say the least.”

Brighton based Serg and Kieron of My Digital Enemy remixed the track and it is safe to say the Louise is well chuffed with the outcome. “I actually bumped into the MDE guys last year when we were both away on tour in Asia and we chatted about doing something. So I just sent the track over to them and they went to town on it. They've done an amazing job with the remix. Chuffed is an understatement. It was a total privilege to work with such talented guys.”

Louise has only recently returned from the International Youth Project, where she was involved in providing workshops. “I actually do various workshops across UK & Ireland, but this was an EU funded cross border project which encouraged teenagers to express themselves through different mediums such as art, music, poetry etc. 

“They were a great group. I'm looking forward to doing another one soon, hopefully with some of the youth collectives from Scandinavia and the Mediterranean also.”

Education was the chosen career path before music came calling as the Derry DJ studied classics at university as well as English teaching with the intention teaching history and language so workshops such as these seem to quench her thirst for both passions. “I strayed off the path slightly there” she laughs. “But yes in the workshops I teach DJing, production and performance skills. So I've the best of both worlds really, combining my passion for music along with teaching.”

With the new track due to be released on May 9th, when can we look forward to a hometown gig? “I'm not far from home this weekend actually, I'm off to Sligo to launch 'Eden' at the HMV Soundgarden. I've also have various dates lined up all across UK and Ireland as well as Ibiza and Asia this year. I might have a hometown date in the pipeline too, just depends on the schedule. But I'll keep you posted.”

You can keep up-to-date with the new release and future gigs via Facebook, Twitter or Mixcloud. If you happen to be about Sligo on Saturday 2nd April, make sure to pop along to The HMV Soundgarden Eden Launch Party where you can catch Louise DaCosta live.


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