INTERVIEW: One Man Town reveal 'The Longest Truth’

The local band give us the low-down on their new track which is out now!

Having released their latest single in June of this year, local band One Man Town have returned with yet another captivating music video to accompany their track,‘The Longest Truth’.

Taken from the forthcoming EP which is due for release next month, ‘The Longest Truth’ continues in the OMT tradition of providing a gripping musical experience, whether it be a live show or a music video, the three piece alt-rock outfit give everything to their art.

We caught up with two thirds of OMT for a chat about the new track and bassist Robert Arbuckle began by revealing the location of where the video was shot.

“For the music video there were a number of beautiful locations we went through but we decided with the director that Culdaff beach was absolutely perfect for it” explains Robert.

“It was a long day but lot of fun to shoot” adds lead singer Graham Maree. “The gloomy rainy day definitely worked in our favour to set the tone for the video and to keep the beach clear of people but still attracted a small crowd who were definitely confused and curious of the situation” laughs the front man.

“We worked with an extremely talented filmmaker Sean Mullen of Dunnofilms who was director, writer and cinema-photographer on this video” reveals Graham. “Sean has recently had work shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Documentary and Experimental Film Making and Moving Image.

“We brought the idea and project to him and he came back to us with this amazing script and story elaborating on the message of the lyrics while adapting the personal fears and desires of each member of the band. It seemed pretty out there at the time, but turned out better than we could have ever imagined.

“None of it would have been possible with the amazing cast and crew we had on day of the shoot too. People willing to be in freezing water for long periods of time are truly the best kind.  Thanks again guys” says an appreciative Graham.

“The single along with a lot of the new material was recorded in two different Studios” reveals Graham.

In Smalltown America Studio we tracked all the rhythm sections, drums, bass, rhythm guitar and percussion with producer/engineer Caolan Austin who we had worked with on our first Record, and the remainder of recording and mixing was with producer/engineer Liam Craig of Primitive Sound.”

“We wanted to try something different with our vocals and guitars on this single” adds Robert.

“Liam Craig had recently produced and recorded with local artists Roe,Ports and Scenery, and we were in love with the sound he could create. With Liam we were able to capture the sound we were after by using these amazing local recording companies” continued Robert.

One Man Town - The Longest Truth OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

It’s clear the local band are serious about their music. From the highly professional production of their tracks to the accompanying music videos which run like a short film, their passion is stamped on each and every section of the process.

The Longest Truth follows on from last year’s self-titled debut EP release and Graham reveals the meaning behind the latest track.

“The song is about pushing through the lows of a passion on something you love, to catch those highs to make it all worthwhile” explains Graham.

“When I was writing the lyrics it was a time in my life of a lot of unsurety and if I'm making the right choices, so adapted that idea into song.”

“It definitely reflects on how hard it is with the music industry” Robert adds. “It seems you can start to make some ground and there's a sense of security but there is always something that might happen that can make you feel like you're right back at the start.”

The video for the latest track was premiered at Bennigans Bar this month, and OMT were overwhelmed by the response.

“It was a great way for us to get to get feedback from fans and people who hadn't heard us before, one guy told us he had to go to the toilet the whole time he was watching but didn't want to miss a second” reveals Robert.

“Premiering the video there was brilliant and extremely nerve wracking at same time” confesses Graham. “Watching a crowd of strangers reactions to the video definitely kept us on edge but was met with such positive feedback.

“Bennigan's have always been so good to us and we love the place, such great venue for original music.

Robert agrees; “They do so much for local artist and give a brilliant platform for local people to showcase their music, art and film.”

“We managed get over 4,000 views on youtube in the first three days and still climbing. The comments, likes and shares all mean so much to us as it helps us further our career and promote our passion.”

“We have been overwhelmed with the response and support from everyone on the track” adds Graham. “It's always great to see new material sung back to you especially of recent shows.”  

With a new EP due for release mid September and the guys are looking forward to unleashing the new material on local audiences.

“Right now it is the mixing stages and we can't wait to release it and show everyone what we have in store” reveals Graham.

“I think that the new songs show the growth and progression of our sound and the development of ourselves over this last year of being together in a band” adds Robert.

You can check out The Longest Truth on all streaming services Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and the Official Music video can be found on YouTube  & Vimeo. The guys have also recently released a lyric video of their
song 'Monument'to celebrate a year since the release of our debut E.P.


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