INTERVIEW// Our Krypton Son returns with a new single

‘Everything Reminds Me of You’ is officially released this Friday


Our Krypton Son, Photo by Eamonn Brown

Local singer-songwriter Chris McConaghy, aka Our Krypton Son, is celebrating the release of his latest single with a free gig at Cool Discs this Saturday evening (19th November).

‘Everything Reminds Me of You’ is officially released on Friday and is the first single taken from the upcoming Our Krypton Son album which will hit the shelves in February of next year.

“The track was written on a child's acoustic guitar in a tent in Creeslough, as was the majority of the album. I exiled myself there to write the record.” Chris said when I asked him about the track.

“It’s about the immediate aftermath of a break up when even the simple minutiae of daily life is disturbed by memory…  Good craic!”

Accompanying the digital release, will be 10 special edition lathe-cut 7" vinyls, each with its own exclusive b-sides and different artwork. A fantastic concept, each edition being so unique. “They're quite pricey to make, but more can be done at any stage” Chris explained.

“For the cover art, myself and my girlfriend projected the video against different surfaces and then photographed this to come up with a series of images that were all different yet relatable to each other.”

Previews of the new single have already gone down a storm and received significant airplay in the process. “The single's been really well received since its premiere on Electric Mainline” Chris said.

“All of which I'm hugely thankful for. It’s been a wee while since I released anything and you haven’t a clue really how a track will be picked up. It’s been going great so far anyway.”

Accompanying the single release on Friday will be the official music video for the track. “All I can say is the video has been hand animated and looks great” Chris said when I pushed him for a clue on what we can expect.

To celebrate the release, Our Krypton Son will be playing a free exclusive intimate acoustic show in Cool Discs on Saturday evening as part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations. “Cool Discs have been very important over the years to local artists. They've always welcomed any ideas I had to launch or sell my work in the shop.

“I did a small launch for 'Plutonium' there a couple years ago, as is the case for lots of other acts. It’s very gratifying to walk in there and see your album for sale alongside bands you love. And how many local songwriters were inspired, perhaps, by seeing Glen Hansard, for example, or Josh Ritter or whomever sit on the shop counter on a Saturday afternoon and sing and talk to a packed crowd.” 

You can get your hands on a digital or physical copy of the new single this Friday - 18th November- and see the man in person singing the new track at 4pm the following evening at Cool Discs on Foyle Street.



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