It's a ‘Changing World’ for Paul Casey

Derry's popular singer-songwriter returns with a new album

The world is changing, it always is, but no-one can argue that the recent political change throughout the world has been dramatic.

Brexit and Trump have been at the fore of people’s minds over the past few months and local musician Paul Casey has been influenced in this dramatic shift with his new album ‘Changing World’ which hits the shelves on November 28th.

“This year has seen the world change drastically” Paul acknowledged when I caught up with him this week and asked about the title of the album. “The last track on the album ‘Too Late Come Monday’ is definitely influenced by what has been going on over the pond with their election process.”

The new album follows ‘After the Harvest’ which was released in May of last year. “The last album was bit of a departure from what people told me, so this is kinda back to what I love. Big cinematic sounding productions with a load of guitars” he said.

Paul will celebrate the release of his eleventh studio album with an official launch at the Bishops Gate Hotel on Sunday 27th November. The hotel’s Northern Counties Ballroom will make for an intimate setting which Paul is very much looking forward to. “The hotel really suits this type of gig,  I love it” he said.

The performance will also feature local singer-songwriter Eilidh Patterson and Karen Porter on cello, and what can people expect from the evening? “I guess the usual” he laughs. “Hopefully thats a good thing though. I’m very fussy on getting the sound right at a gig, but thankfully I never worry about that anymore as our soundman, Paul Sheerin, is incredible.” 

'Changing World' Paul Casey (Official Music Video)

Paul is no stranger to taking his releases on the road, so I was curious to find out what he has planned for 2017. “My plan is make no plans!” He said. “I just like to see what happens. Usually these albums take on a little life of their own and you never know where you’ll end up playing.”

The local singer-songwriter is also a big supporter of local music and hel has confirmed that the highly successful Homegrown concert will return to the Millennium Forum next year. “Homegrown will be happening again on Friday 13th of January, and I’m absolutely delighted that the Millennium forum have once again taken a chance on us” he said. “Without their support this gig wouldn’t happen. This will be the 5th year of Homegrown and I think the lineup will be great.”

You can pre-order Paul Casey’s upcoming album ‘Changing World’ now via, and the ten track album will also be available to buy through all the usual online outlets, and of course you can purchase it locally at Cool Discs on Foyle Street from Monday 28th November.


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