John Deery & The Heads seeking support for new album

'Nothing Permanent Lasts' is the upcoming album from the local band

John Deery and The Heads are currently recording their new album, ‘Nothing Permanent Lasts’ and are seeking support through crowdfunding website

Crowdfounder allows fans and supporters to support the new album by pledging money which will then see the project realised and in return can choose from a wide range of rewards. You can grab goodies from a digital download to your very own John Deery & The Heads private gig!

Nothing Permanent Lasts John Deery and The Heads

Crowdfunding websites have proved to be a very useful tool for bands as it allows fans and supporters to ‘reserve’ a future production, decreasing the initial costs associated with recording and distribution which can potentially be out of reach for many bands and artists.

Log on now to Crowdfounder to pledge your support for one of the city’s top bands and choose a reward for your backing.


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