Playhouse Theatre, Sat Aug 24th & Sun Aug 25th

Set in the legendary city during the roaring “jazz hot” 20s, Chicago tells the story of two rival vaudevillian murderesses locked up in Cook County Jail.

Nightclub star Velma’s serving time for killing her husband and sister after finding the two in bed together. Driven chorus girl Roxie’s been tossed in the joint for bumping off the lover she’s been cheating on her husband with. Not one to rest on her laurels, Velma enlists the help of prison matron Mama Morton and slickster lawyer Billy Flynn, who turn Velma’s incarceration into a murder-of-the-week media frenzy, thus preparing the world for a splashy showbiz comeback. But Roxie’s got some of her own tricks up her sleeve.

Auditions will be held on the following dates:
WHEN: Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th, 2019
WHERE: Playhouse Theatre
TIME: 24th 10:30am-5:30pm, 25th 12pm-4pm

WHEN: Sunday 1st September, 2019
WHERE: Playhouse Theatre
TIME: 12pm – 5pm

Audition Preparation:
Please prepare two vocal selections, one of your choosing and one from the show. You may be asked to sing one, or both. There will be an accompanist provided if you would like to bring sheet music, but you may also sing your selections acapella. You will also be asked to perform a short reading from the show, which will be provided at the audition. There will be a general dance call, for all participants and our choreographer will walk you through a brief dance component. There is no need to prepare a monologue or dance number in advance. Acting and Singing Auditions will be approximately 10 minutes in length. Dance call will be 20 minutes.

To schedule an audition, email: CHLOE@DERRYPLAYHOUSE.COM for an audition slot.

CHICAGO opens November 26that the Playhouse Theatre, running for 6 performances. The Production rehearsal period will be a strict 8 weeks. Rehearsals for Chicago will happen over a short period. Commitment to the schedule must be agreed if offered a role. 

Roxie Hart (mezzo, lead, 18-30) Innocent, desperate, selfish. Roxie is not very bright and never thinks about the consequences of her actions before she says or does things. Every move is selfish, every idea foolish and ill-considered, and yet she remains strangely sympathetic because we know her selfishness is not malicious; but childish. All Roxie cares about is getting into Vaudeville. Needs to be a strong actress, singer and mover. 

Velma Kelly (alto, lead, 19-40): Sarcastic, tough, funny. Velma is a former vaudeville performer who also serves as the hostess. She often talks directly to the audience. She killed her husband and her sister after finding them together. Used to being the "headliner" she learns to hold her tongue and make nice to save her vaudeville career. Needs to be a strong actress, singer and mover. 

Billy Flynn (tenor, lead, 18-75): Confident, persuasive, manipulative. Billy is a suave, educated lawyer who can persuade anyone to do anything. Billy will take any case as long as it is sure to put money in his pocket. Billy is a lot like a Hollywood Agent. Needs to be a strong character actor who can sing and dance well. 

Amos Hart (baritone, lead, 20-50) Charming, funny, vulnerable, timid man. Amos is an average guy, not very good looking, not very smart. Manipulated easily, Amos is the only character in Chicago whose motives are entirely pure, never selfish and he's the only character who really loses ultimately. Strong character actor who can sing well. 

Matron “Mama” Morton (alto, lead, 20-75): Street wise, funny, powerful and tough. The matron of the Cook County Jail believes that all favors she gives should be reciprocated or paid for. If Billy is the Agent, Mama would be considered the Manager. Needs to be strong character actor who can sing well. 

Mary Sunshine: Female Role (soprano, supporting, 20-75). Looking for actor who can sing legitimately up to a high B flat and play a woman with the image of a good natured talk show hostess but is actually a high powered gossip columnist. Must be a good comedian. (soprano-like range)

Hunyak: Accused of chopping off her husband’s head. She is actually innocent (one of the only ones), but because she only speaks Hungarian and refuses to plead guilty, she is found guilty and hanged. Ballet background wanted.

Liz: Killed her husband with a shotgun because he “popped” his gum.

Annie: Found out her husband had several wives and killed him with Arsenic.

June: Killed her husband with a carving knife after he found out she cheated on him.

Mona: Killed her boyfriend after she found out he was sleeping around.

Go-to-Hell Kitty: Kills her boyfriend in her apartment after coming home and finding him with two girls. She is wealthy and goes crazy telling everyone to "go-to-hell".

Master of Ceremonies: This person is responsible for introducing all the “Vaudeville Acts.” Must have strong speaking ability, lots of energy and presence.

Fred Casley, Sergeant Fogarty, Lawyers, Jury, Reporters, Doctor, Court Personnel.

FEMALE MALE CHORUS Looking for strong movers and singers. Several featured acting roles available including:


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