Phil Taggart set for The Cellar

We have a chat with the Radio 1 DJ ahead of his gig

BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart will be in town next week and dropping by the River Inn Cellar to unleash some tunes on local ears.
The Northern Irish Dj and Presenter has been filling our airwaves ever since making his radio debut on BBC Ulster’s Across The Line programme in 2010 while January 2013 saw Phil make the journey across the water to join Radio 1 as one half of the 10pm to midnight show which he co-hosted with Alice Levine.
We caught up with Phil ahead of his Cellar gig for a quick chat about all things music.

How do you rate the current music scene in Northern Ireland?
I feel like there was a bit of a dip in quality of acts a couple of years ago. I mean we were spoiled to have bands like Fighting With Wire, ASIWYFA, Cashier No.9, Kowalski, Not Squares etc… but real life came crawling for some of those bands and the majority finished. The new brood behind them didn’t have the experience and thus the scene in my opinion really faltered. However, the last year or two you can see the sparks of it coming back. Derry is providing some of the strongest acts in Soak, Ryan Vail, Making Monsters amongst others.

How would you say English crowds differ from NI crowds?
NI crowds go for it. South of England crowds have a good time but they never quite lose their mind as a decent NI crowd. All you have to do is watch the mobile phone clips from places like Shine to just showcase how mental and into the music NI audiences are.

You started off in music playing in a band, what turned you towards DJing?
I’ve always DJ’d in some form or another so after the band broke up i thought i’d take it a bit more seriously.

What were your musical influences growing up?
Ok you ready - Jimmy Eat World - The Clash - Prodigy - Led Zeppelin - Public Enemy - Blur - Pulp - Black Sabbath - Fatboy Slim - the list goes on and on. I lived in the middle of the country as a remote wee culchie with nothing better to do but listen to music.

What was the last track you listened to today?
Mura Masa Feat. Nao - Firefly

What can we expect from your set at The Cellar next Friday night?
Good music.

What new music should we check out?
Depends what you’re looking for. Hip Hop, I love Loyle Carner. House wise, the new Leon Vynehall record is an instant classic. I’ve released this young lady called Wildes on my label and I think she is incredible, listen to her track Bare.

Any plans to bring your Slacker night back to Northern Ireland?
I’m really keen to take over a few acts and with a few acts from Northern Ireland do a tour around the country. It would be like Hugo Duncan and friends on tour but with fringes and skinny jeans.
You can catch Phil Tagart at the Tiver Inn Cellar on Friday 6th May with support from Touts, £7 in.


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