Ready to get down and Boogie?

Boogie Nights: The 70s Show at the Millennium Forum on Sunday, 6th November

The all singing, all dancing ‘Boogie Nights The 70s Show’ touches down this Sunday at the Millennium Forum and is filled to the brim with all the great Disco hits.

Based upon the pop music of the 1970s, the show premiered on London’s West End in 1998 with TV legend Shane Richie at the helm. Now, nearly twenty years later Shane Richie is back, although this time it’s junior who will be getting the audiences onto their feet and dancing to that 70’s groove.

Playing the lead of Roddy O'Neill, Shane Richie Junior returns to the role he made his own when making his theatrical debut in 2012 and he told us how his father had some great advice for him when he first accepted the part. “When I first took on the role back in 2012 he told me to just be myself” he said.

“Because it was written for him, he didn’t actually have to do much acting for it! People say that I’m carved out of my dad so it wasn’t a challenge in the context of playing that role, it was more of a challenge physically with singing all the songs and all the various dance routines. I knew every word in the show anyway because I grew up watching my dad play Roddy. It was funny when everyone in rehearsals were still looking at the script but I already knew it. I’ve known it since I was nine.”

There must be some comparisons to his father I asked. “Yeah, absolutely. Especially with me being Shane Richie Junior I am always going to be compared to my dad, but that comes with the territory. There’s always that added pressure, especially playing a role that my dad made his own.”

With music and acting running through both sides of his family, his father being Shane Richie and mother, Coleen Nolan, I was surprised to find out that Shane was late in catching the entertainment bug. “Yeah, it was very late for me really. My brother had always wanted to do it and had been doing it since he could walk, but for me, I was about eighteen” he said.

“I ended up being a BlueCoat at Pontins Holiday Camp so it stemmed from there. If anyone ever asks me for advice on how to get into this business, I always tell them to go to a holiday camp for a year because it doesn’t just teach you how to sing and dance, it teaches you how to talk to people and how to interact and entertain. It’s a great place to learn your craft.”

He may have been in his late teens when he first caught the acting bug, but Shane has well and truly immersed himself within the industry and in speaking to him it’s clear that he is enjoying every minute of it. “TV is something that I really want to do too. I’ve previously presented on Loose Women so I’m interested in both presenting and acting. I like to try something different, something new. I’m one of those people who just can’t do the same thing for too long.”

With Boogie Nights about to bring its Disco moves to the Millennium Forum this Sunday, what can local audiences expect? “They should come and expect to have a really really good fun time. There’s songs from the seventies and in the second half of the show there will be songs from the eighties and it’s a really good fun show and all I ask is to make sure you bring your dancing shoes!”

You can catch Boogie Nights - The 70s Show at the Millennium Forum on Sunday 6th November with tickets from £12.50.


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