Review// One Man Town debut EP

We run our ears over OMT's debut release

One Man Town have released their self-titled five track debut EP which follows May’s release of ‘Cutthroat Desire’, their debut single.

Consisting of Graham Maree on vocals and guitar, Stephen McCool on guitar and piano, Robert Arbuckle on bass and Brian Doherty on Drums, One Man Town have used  their various musical backgrounds to influence a sound that is a big old mash of blues, rock, indie and folk. The American influence is evident and with Maree’s incredibly strong vocals being complimented by extremely catchy riffs and chorus, in every song on the EP I might add, this is an incredible debut EP from the local four piece.

Each and every song on the record will have you tapping your feet and wanting to hit repeat.

To coincide with the latest release, OMT have also produced a music video for their debut single ‘Cutthroat Desire’ which could be a short film, captivating and excellently shot. Not only can Maree sing, but he’s a pretty good actor as well! You can see for yourself below...

One Man Town - Cutthroat Desire OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

The five track EP opens with ‘Cutthroat Desire’ which you know instantly is the type of track that gets the crowd rocking when played live. With the track building from the intro, the anticipation heightens until it explodes into the chorus with Maree’s voice in all its glory. Powerful and enraged, yet passionate and calm.

Next up on the EP is ‘Wear My Word’, a heavier track which is broken up and relinked by tender electric guitar picking before launching into distortion and more mighty vocals.

The chilled out ‘Monument’ with its contagious beat relaxes and soothes. Maree is joined on vocals by local artist Sylvier who adds another dimension to the track and complements his powerful voice while also bringing an element of tenderness to the track.

‘Hunting Party’ is another track which grabs you from the outset. Gently building and building before unleashing more catchy contagious lyrics within an energetic chorus while ‘Mercy Killing’ completes the EP with blues inspired rock.

The new EP from One Man Town is now available for download via Bandcamp itunes, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music, and also available to buy at Cool Discs, Trash & Angry Cherry


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