Rockin' that GAA Jersey

Donegal groups Goats Don’t Shave & Phat Kiidz release 'Track of the Summer'

What do you get when you cross Goats Don’t Shave & Phat Kiidz? The answer…GAA Jersey of course!

GAA Jersey is a result of a collaboration with legendary Donegal Celtic Rockers Goats Don’t Shave and Hip-Hop & R&B three piece Phat Kiidz. The new release has been grabbing the headlines across the land, not only for it’s fantastic title but also due to the fact that the track is pretty damn catchy with some christening ‘track of the summer’.

Goats Don’t Shave, or GDS as they have become known. have been around for over 25 years and are made up of Pat Gallagher, Mickey Gallagher, Patsy Gallagher, Odhran Cummings, Shaun Doherty and Stephen Campbell and are well known for their hits Las Vegas (In The Hills Of Donegal) and Let The World Keep On Turning.

Explaining the background to the new release, Pat Gallagher from GDS said his band had been tweaking with their classic Las Vegas (In The Hills Of Donegal) for some time and had tried a reggae type intro which “went down well with audiences.”

The band then spoke about it with legendary singer/songwriter Charlie McGettigan who encouraged them to record the track, then they collaborated with Phat Kiidz and what resulted was a fusion of Hip Hop and Celtic Rock into what has become known as GAA Jersey.

Phat Kiidz, who are made up of Jay Kay, DoDa and Hapz, are three friends who grew up together in Letterkenny with a passion for music and who’s aim is to represent the town where they grew up, the lives they have encountered and for people to relate to their stories. The group are probably best known for their single “Letterkenny” which has amassed over 30,000 views on YouTube so far and the guys are currently working on their long awaited EP this Summer titled “The Late Late Late Show”.

GAA Jersey is definitely gathering momentum and with a huge big gap in the market just waiting for a catchy GAA song, it’s easy to see why many are calling it ‘track of the summer’.

But don’t just listen to me… check it out for yourselves!

Goats Dont Shave X PHAT KiiDZ - GAA Jersey


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