Science Snaps on display at the Forum

International Images for Science Exhibition, supported by Siemens, comes to the Millennium Forum.

An exhibition of 72 images taken as part of a photography competition will be on display at the Millennium Forum from Wednesday 10th February to Friday 18th March as part of Siemens’ Curiosity Project which is a three-year engagement programme aiming to engage young people with science and engineering.

The competition was run by educational charity, the Royal Photographic Society and entrants had to take a visually appealing picture that tells a science story.
Gary Evans, RPS exhibition coordinator says: “While each image contains a strong science story, we also want viewers to engage with them simply because they look amazing – they each have the ‘wow!’ factor. We want people to look and think - “I wonder what that is?” and then read the caption to find out. The answers are often truly incredible and getting kids to guess what they are will be lots of fun!”

An example of the type of work which will be on display at the Forum is that of ‘Hen’s Tongue’ by Portstewart artist Steve Lowry which is a microscope image of the blood capillaries at the surface of a hen’s tongue as seen in polarised light.

The free exhibition forms as part of the NI Science Festival and will also be on view to visitors to the Millennium Forum who can drop in during opening/performance times.


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