Starman shines brightly at the Waterside Theatre

Tumble Circus' latest edition proves to be a huge hit

Currently on tour throughout the country is Starman, a one-man comedy show from the award winning Tumble Circus.

Written and performed by Ken Fanning, directed by Colm O’Grady, Starman is a mix of circus comedy and cardboard as it tells the tale of a clown who dreams of one day becoming a star.

I popped along to the Waterside Theatre with my two sons in tow during a depressingly rainy Saturday not sure of what to expect from Ken Fanning’s latest solo show. What I did find was that within seconds of Starman taking to the stage my face was hurting and my sides splitting from laughing so much.

We had made our way across a wet and windy city centre towards the impressive Waterside Theatre and rewarded ourselves with a nice warm drink prior to the show. As we looked out through the floor to ceiling windows across the city’s rooftops, you would have been forgiven for thinking it was a scene from Mary Poppins.

Upon taking our seats, myself and my sons waited with anticipation to find out just what Starman had in store for us.

Starman trailer - Project Arts Centre

As the lights dimmed a voice came from nowhere and in an instant we were spellbound, transfixed with laughter.

The slapstick comedy proved a massive hit with kids and adults alike in the audience. With his death defying rope stunts and ribbon display, which I have never witnessed before, Starman’s performance was as much hilarious as it was impressive.  

No one in the audience were immune to the comical wrath of Starman as both young and old became part of show through Starman’s interaction and joined in his journey to become the Star which he so desperately craved.

With a mixture of pop culture, politics and adult humour – which goes over the heads of younger kids – this show will keep you laughing until your cheeks hurt!

Without doubt, this latest edition from Tumble Circus is a much see show and Starman definitely brightened up our wet and dreary day with his electric humour and death defying stunts.


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