Transparencity by Gavan Connolly

Photographic exhibition opens at the Garden of Reflection

Transparencity is an exhibition of works by local photographer Gavan Connolly showcasing various events which have taken place within the city over the past three years.

The aim of the exhibition is to show just how colourful and vibrant the city has now become compared to the city Gavan remembers growing up in during the 70s and 80s and how much it has changed.

“Transparencity has been the work of Socialhub and the Inner City Trust where Kieran Moore and Blane O’Donnell approached me knowing that I had a colourful volume of work cataloguing various things that have happened in Derry. I obviously can't get to everything but there’s a wide selection of civic events showing how Derry has cast its image to the world painted by the previous few decades” Gavan told the Derry Live List. 

Speaking about when he first got into photography and the equipment which is used he said “it was through A level Art many years ago and I chose it as my medium. I've always used Canon after my first Fuji STX which is manual film, but I don’t think that the equipment is that important as I like to travel light and just work with what I've got.”

It has been a busy three years within the city and with attending so many events, does Gavan have a favourite? “I couldn't possibly pick one event as a favourite as the have all been really enjoyable. Being able to have a front row view and access to these things is a privilege. As long as there is plenty of colour I can work with it. Although in saying that, the Carnival of Colours by In Your Space was fantastic for its imagery.

“This year’s big ones will be St. Patrick’s Day parade, Halloween, The Clipper Festival, Flavours of the Foyle, Jazz Festival, Pride and there’ll be many more too!”

Transparencity is Gavan’s third exhibition. “Since I returned to Derry I have had an exhibition about Scooters and also The Music scene here locally, both of which were exhibited at the Eden Arts Centre, thanks to Judi for the help there.”

The free exhibition opens at the Garden of Reflection on Monday 29th February from 6.30pm until 8.30pm and will be running for the entire month of March.


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