Velvet Alibi return with new release

Check out 'Cold Dead Air' now

Cold Dead Air is the first of a series of exciting live studio video releases by the Derry based groove ensemble, Velvet Alibi.

The video was shot at the Blast Furnace studio in summer 2017 by the awesome Living Witness Productions and gives a taste of the band’s live transportive experience.

Velvet Alibi - Cold Dead Air (Blast Furnace Sessions - Live)

The mood of ‘Cold Dead Air’ is set with cosmic synth sounds and the driving beats of two drummers who maintain a high-octane pace throughout. The hypnotic feel is accompanied by a steady grooving bass line and the intertwined vocal melody-lines and harmonies of 3 female singers who take you on a journey of heartfelt determination. As is typical of the Velvet Alibi sound the track meanders into unexpected places and reaches its pinnacle with a virtuosic guitar solo. At an epic nine and a half minutes long ‘Cold Dead Air’ allows you to really feel the live sound that Velvet Alibi have been gaining such a reputation for.

Look out for the band’s second single ‘Addicted to You’ which is due to be released in April 2018 and is the first track from their debut album. The band are looking forward to another year of festival shows both locally and internationally.

Pictures courtesy of Living Witness Productions.


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