Void Gallery goes virtual

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, the Void Gallery space is currently closed, however over the coming weeks the team are aiming to bring various you content online through.

This week for Void online:
Online Tour of Ima-Abasi Okon’s exhibition sur— [infinite Slippage: production of the r ~e ~a ~l as an intensive magnitude starting at zero-eight] —plus

On Saturday AprIl 4th at 11am, Stephanie Gaumond will bring Ima-Abasi Okon’s exhibition online with a virtual tour. Tune in to see it on their website and social media - including their YouTube channel.

Director Recommends
Wednesday 1st April at 11am - Director Mary Cremin’s podcast / reading / film suggestion for this week: listen to Jennifer Higgie’s Bow Down: Women in Art podcast, which covers significant female artists of the past. This episode with Laura Mulvey speaking about Chantal Akerman - an important post war filmmaker - is a good homage to her work. Tune in to hear it on their website and social media - including their YouTube channel

Thursday 2nd April at 9pm - This week Mary recommends the film by Ackerman, Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975), a poignant portrait of a widow whose underlying anxiety is seen through her performance of everyday tasks and her means of survival by entertaining ‘gentleman callers’. Ackerman has many  films and this work is one of more well known films. While it is not available for free online you can still view a remix here.

This visual essay remix (produced by Dr. Drew Morton, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication at Texas A&M University-Texarkana) - more of a tool for formal analysis - layers Chantal Akerman's three days upon one another in order to facilitate the analysis of visual patterns and temporal rhythms. This remix is by no means a replacement for watching the film linearly, but as a supplemental guide map for cinephiles and scholars.

Void for Kids
Building on their collage activities, this week Void will focus on Assemblage, taking inspiration from artists who utilised this method in their artwork including two that we have shown in the past year – Derek Jarman and Candida Powell-Williams so check out our website for information on the artists and activities inspired by their artwork.

Sinead Crumlish will show how to make colourful fish out of materials that you have in your house - tune in on Wednesday 1st April at 11am to Facebook I Instagram IGTV and their YouTube channel.


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