Wake America

Eoin O'Callaghan's latest project has already taken on a life of its own

It is safe to say Eoin O’Callaghan likes to keep himself busy.
Hot on the heels of releasing his debut Best Boy Grip album, the local musician has a new project on the go - Wake America.
Still only in its infancy, Wake America has been embraced by music lovers and radio personalities alike, from Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Music to shows closer to home and has been gathering momentum in the run up to the debut single release of ‘Silly Boy’ on March 4th. The guys will also be performing their new material this Friday (26th) at Bennigans Bar.
We caught up with Eoin ahead of the single release and Wake America’s Bennigans gig.

When and how did you come up with the concept for Wake America?
Well, every day I head into the studio and try to create something. Sometimes I grab a guitar, sometimes I sit at the piano and sometimes I switch on the analog synths and drum machines. The outcome of the day’s work is generally dictated by whatever instrument I feel like going to first thing in the morning.
I know that my decision is heavily influenced by what music I’ve been listening to recently or maybe one track I’ve heard from years ago has come back to inspire me. When I walk over to the synths, drum machines and dirty crunchy guitar pedals, that’ll end up being a Wake America track. I’ve ended up with about 8 or 9 tracks that all fit the Wake America sound so I decided to make it happen LIVE and start a new band. 

Where does the name come from?
I think it’s a play on the Irish definition of the word ‘Wake’ (death and mourning) and the normal English definition where people open their eyes. Wake America isn’t trying to be political but I think it’s quite obvious what I’m hinting at. Sure, it’s topical now but it’ll never be out dated because they’re a world super power and will always do amazing and/or horrific things. It could easily have been a topical name in the 70’s. 

How would you describe the music of Wake America?
Big, fuzzy, electronic, gritty analog sounds with riffs and pop hooks. 

Silly Boy is the debut single and is released on March 4rd but it has already received high praise and significant airplay, you must be pleased with the reaction so far…
Yeah, it’s taken on a life of its own and I’m loving the reaction. BBC 6Music airplay at such an early stage has given me a real boost in confidence and with the support closer to home from the likes of Stephen McCauley, Mark Patterson and the guys at ATL in Belfast. It’s been given a really good shove right from the get go. A bunch of fantastic blogs and magazines have jumped on board too so the future looks bright I think. 

WAKE AMERICA - 'Silly Boy' (Official Video)

'Silly Boy' is the first single to be released from Wake America via Amelia Records. It will be available on Limited Edition 7" Vinyl from 4th March and can be pre-ordered here - www.ameliarecords.com

What is ‘Silly Boy’ about?
It’s a song about regrets. I think the term ‘Silly Boy’ is very patronising so calling oneself a silly boy is a real admittance that you may have been a fool on one or more occasion…a feeling I think everyone understands. 

Are Best Boy Grip currently on hold, or are you writing for both projects at the same time?
Well the debut album is only a few months old and I’ve already got plans for how the second album will sound. There is a Wake America gig on Friday 26th followed by a Best Boy Grip gig with Snow Patrol’s Iain Archer on March 5th followed by a week of gigs in Nashville with Best Boy Grip, courtesy of Panarts Festival…so no, BBG is not currently on hold. 

Is there a debut album or EP on the cards for this year?  
I plan to release a few more singles this year via Amelia Records and there will definitely be a full length LP in the not too distant future.

You can check out Wake America this Friday night at Bennigans Bar ahead of their official release of Silly Boy next week. Keep up-to-date with the band via Facebook


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